Creating Harmony For You & Others

One of the many wonderful things about being a person with duel gender perspectives is that we, as individuals, have a far-reaching compassion that extends from the roots of our transgender family tree to the seeds we sow back into the earth through love and understanding of people from all walks of life.

Every day we have the opportunity to show love and light, even when we are placed in unfavorable situations, or with people that leave an unsavory taste in our mouths. How do we do this? Through understanding. Choosing to accept those that do not accept us and respecting those that do not have the capacity to respect us, allows us the opportunity to expand our level of understanding of our brothers and sisters in humanity and develop a greater passion for changing the circumstances of oppression and societal repression.

As a community, we have the opportunity to grow and expand by bringing in allies through education and a commitment to respect those that do not have a foundation of love.

On a more personal level, the individual can affect change in their own atmosphere through having a strong foundation of self-love and self-esteem, as well as a balance of spiritual wealth, emotional stability, and mental toughness.

The only way to be an integral part of affecting change within our community, and beyond, is by knowing who we are as individuals and being able to live life on purpose, causing a chain reaction of self-exploration and self-evaluation. Transgender individuals aren’t the only people searching for a life shift, but we have been given a wonderful gift in being able to help others encounter their own life transitions to evolve into more complete human beings.

In a 2006 excerpt on healthy living, Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “One of the huge imbalances in life is the disparity between your daily existence, with its routines and habits, and the dream you have deep within yourself of some extraordinarily satisfying way of living.”

In order to achieve balance in our lives throughout our individual transitions, and during our lives post-transition, we have to realize that the power lies in our own minds. We have already done the hard part by choosing to live life authentically, and allowing others to see the benefits of shifting from a state of oppression to an eternal state of freedom through our choice to denounce societal normativity. We have already encountered this idea of balance, but in order to allow it to penetrate our spirits we have to accept the gift of having a duel gender perspective in its entirety.

Whether we choose to live our lives as an open book, utilizing our transition to bring other people to a place of freedom in their own lives, or rather use our transition to start a completely new life and allow the newness to create a fresh fire within, we can only achieve complete transformation when our mind, body, spirit and souls are working in harmony together.

Everything that we as individuals experience in our personal transitional journey can be compacted into a unique, vibrant gem to be used to attract people from all walks of life. Let’s take the enlightenment that comes in every seasonal shift and forward it to those around us who are living and loving blindly, so that they may begin to live and love on purpose!

Once an individual has become one with their thoughts, emotions, and internal being, they are able to sow seeds of change in their atmosphere. Utilizing our life shift to inspire growth and change in others creates harmony within and abroad. That is what makes our World worth fighting for. Change starts within, and balance in the individual creates an aura of love and light, to be captured by the audience of families and friends around the world.

In love and light,

– Noah Nomad

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