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Get To Know: Jody Rose

I’m sure all of the FTM followers on WHT are familiar with my friend Jody, the creator of the FTM Sex Guide. His sex guide is one of the most popular resource for transguys when it comes to sex, body dysphoria, and general transitioning advice. I was very pleased when we connected to work on…


Get To Know: Ryan Cassata

Ok guys, here it is! The interview you all have been waiting for with handsome crooner, Ryan Cassata. You’ve seen his youtube videos, you’ve heard his music, and some of you may have had the pleasure of attending one of his speaking engagements. Ryan is an eighteen-year-old mover and shaker in the trans* community whom…

7 Questions With Kaden Michael!

7 Questions – Kaden Michael

I am so pleased that my good friend Kaden has submitted a WHT 7 Questions video. After watching it, I feel like I’ve known this man my entire life and I am pleased to share it with all of the WHT readers. ¬†Kaden Michael is a husband, a father, a son, a friend, an educator,…