Awareness is Death.


Awareness is Death.

My friend Janet Mock says that claiming your truth is not only a gift to others, but it is a gift to yourself. I have experienced the gift of truth in my life just recently, through the completion of my coming-out process to family and friends. I am free to be me in all of my complexities, and I am grateful to God for that.

I’m feeling very emotional today upon learning of the senseless murder of yet another beautiful, black transwoman. This time, the incident took place right in my neck of the woods, not 15 miles from me.

I truly feel less and less connected to the trans* community each day, and more and more in tune with the human factor in all of us.

No life is disposable, but society has allowed the lives of countless transwomen to be disposed of in vile, violent ways.

My conviction is that I no longer want to spend my time doing pointless things. I want my life to be filled with purpose. I want to be exhausted from the work of my hands and my heart. I want my efforts to make an impact, not for my sake but to protect the integrity of the human factor.

I may discouraged about society, but I am not defeated.

History has shown that change does happen. People’s perceptions and attitudes can change dramatically! It is about the work that is put into feeding the human spirit so it can grow and develop the way God intended it to.

The process of becoming aware is a literal death in your mind, body, and soul. When you make a choice to live outside of yourself and work for the betterment of the people attached to you, you begin to experience a mental, physical, and spiritual enlightenment which causes the death of insecurity, the death of self-doubt, the death of an idle mind.

In the midst of my own process I have made the decision to dedicate my life to servicing others.

I am grateful for the process of becoming aware. I trust God to give me the wisdom and the direction to accomplish all that He needs me to in this lifetime. I believe that my gifts, talents, and convictions will make a way to give at my fullest potential.

I’m offering up all that I am, because I recognize that life isn’t about me…it’s about all those who are attached to me.

– Noah Nomad

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