Get To Know: Treach “Urban Banker” Wilson

After working with Jen on ideas to create a safe, open, diverse space with WeHappyTrans I decided that I also wanted to highlight important figures within the trans* community that many of the readers would otherwise not have a chance to get to know. I’m going to be reaching out within the community and bringing you guys quickfire interviews from some great leaders who happen to trans*.

I am so happy that when I reached out to Mr. Treach Wilson, (who I became acquainted with through the Black Transman Advocacy Group on Facebook) he was excited to answer some questions that will introduce him as a great resource to the WHT community.

Check out our quickfire interview:

1) What is your full chosen name, have you transitioned your life in the eyes of the courts, and how do you identify?

My chosen name is Lee Wilson. Yes, it has been changed in the eyes of the courts. I identify as a straight Afro-American male.

2) How has your transition shifted you in your career? Have you experienced personal and/or career roadblocks from living openly?

I can say working at Wells Fargo Bank was nothing, but a joy while living my life openly gay and during & after my transition. I had no road blocks, just encouragement to continue moving up in the company.


 3) How did you come up with the name “The Urban Banker” and what does it mean to you?

The name “Urban Banker” comes from living within the inner city all my life & working for a bank for over 10 years. I learned how much money Corporate America made off the inner city while the neighborhoods that are mostly filled with People of Color had no idea of the power of having good credit, home ownership, insurance and moving from workers to investors. I feel it was my duty to start teaching people how to create wealth that would last for generations to come.


4) What are 3 of your best tips for people working to afford their transitions?


1) Save, Save, Save … first state by writing down all your expenses household and personal and don’t forget the ones that comes annually for example Auto Registration. Cut down or out on your wants (dining out, traveling and shopping) Focus on your goals.   2) Think about how much you can honestly afford on place on a credit card or pay with a loan or line of credit  3) Think of clever ways to increase your income in turn increasing your savings…..Yard Sale, Raffle, taking in a roommate, working a second job or overtime at your current place of employment.


5) What is the number one thing that helps you maintain happiness and wholeness as a trans gender individual?

Acceptance of self and knowing I hold the power to change things in my life at all times.


6) Are you involved with any sort of activism within your community and abroad? Do you feel that your gifts and talents are currently serving the trans* community?

Yes, I am the Urban Banker and I’m also involved Black Transmen Inc., Fahari Arts Instution, Reina Magazine, BlaqOut Dallas, The International Federation of Black Prides and the House of Ebony Alpha and my gifts and talents are the biggest part of my involvement with these organizations. In my opinion being blessed to use my talents to better myself and these organizations is a calling from GOD to me.

7) What is your advice for young people who may be facing bullying due to identifying as transgender?

Talk to someone! Family, friends, teachers and/or reach out to someone on a social network site. Find position ways to not allow that anger and fear to take over your life…poets, music, exercise or drawing at great ways. Please document everything that happens…time, date and person(s) involved in the bullying.

8 ) Do you find that as a transman of color it is easier or harder to blend into society or go “stealth” ? Is that your ambition?

I feel like it’s easier to blend in because society writes “Black Transmen” off as unimportant, criminals, threats, not intelligence, lazy, bad fathers and unable to success in the world. My ambition is to show the world they are wrong and that these descriptions can fit any man of any race. My ambition is to restore us as the Kings we are!


9) How do you feel about the extreme injustices transwomen of color are predisposed to? What are the responsibilities of transmen of color as it relates to the community as a whole?


It pains me to know the injustices women are subjected to period whether she’s a bio-woman or transwomen. It is our jobs as Men to protect and honor our women by any means necessary. 


10) What is one quote that sums up your attitude about life as it relates to your transition?

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1 comment for “Get To Know: Treach “Urban Banker” Wilson

  1. Jen
    April 8, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    LOVE seeing a story of someone transitioning and finding encouragement at work. With all the understandable and important focus on on obstacles, injustice and tragedy, it’s valuable to remember that some are able to maintain and even thrive in their chosen careers. I wasn’t entirely surprised to find support in my field, the arts, but I’m thrilled to hear of this kind of response in banking, a profession traditionally viewed as extraordinarily conservative.

    Thanks to Noah and Treach for sharing this story.

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