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I’m sure all of the FTM followers on WHT are familiar with my friend Jody, the creator of the FTM Sex Guide. His sex guide is one of the most popular resource for transguys when it comes to sex, body dysphoria, and general transitioning advice. I was very pleased when we connected to work on another project and I just had to interview him for our website.

Jody is an excellent mentor and advocate for the FTM community and I encourage all of my We Happy Trans readers to get familiar with this wonderful man.


1) What is your name, age and how do you identify?

My name is Jody.  I don’t talk about age, because I don’t believe it’s real.  I often forget my age, too. I see myself as someone who was socialized and conditioned as female and who was born into a body my soul was uncomfortable with.  As a result, I decided to change my body to match my soul’s desire to enhance its connection to Spirit.

2) What was your personal vision and mission with The FTM Sex Guide?

I wanted to write a book about sex and sexual issues for FTM guys, and tell others about my personal experiences in a raw and honest way.  This book addresses issues others may not want to discuss or may feel uncomfortable discussing, so a book is a good way to approach these types of topics.  Sex, and issues relating to sex for guys like us is sometimes not talked about enough and I believe it’s important to share our experiences with each other.   When I wrote the book, I also interviewed other guys about sex.  I wanted to approach this topic from other viewpoints and the interviews were a good way to do this.  
3) Briefly share the other books you have written and books that are in the works…

I have written a book of poetry called Places Male And Female, about my transition.  I have written a book about how to make money for surgery, too, that comes as a free bonus with The FTM Sex Guide  I’m in the process of writing a book about staying in shape mentally, physically, and emotionally during transition, a book about how I grew my genitalia, and am also working on a poetry book about The Holocaust based on photographs that were hidden during World War II.
You can read more about this on my site:
4) You’ve done such great work with the surgery money give-aways! How can people get involved and where can they donate?

If you’re interested in this, you can read everything you need to know here:
5) What is your best advice for young people who are facing depression and anxiety due to questioning their gender identity?

I shy away from giving advice because everyone is unique in this transition in relation to the issues he/she faces.   I can share my experience. I cured my anxiety by breathing deeply, through understanding that we all have a Divine Spiritual purpose in this world, through thought science and positive thinking and visualization, through working out and exercising, and by loving myself enough to realize that I am not meant to be miserable.  I also talked to people who understood what I was going through, who were empathetic and who listened without interrupting, and by trusting my intuition and instincts during this process.  I also felt that taking action helped me tremendously.

I talked to people, interviewed doctors, looked at pictures of flat chests every single day, and visualized myself having a flat chest. I started my transition when I was 21 and there were some people who were very skeptical, so I let them go from my life. For me, there was no room for people who did not support this decision to change.  Support was a key element for success.
6) Briefly share what led you to transition, and how your transition has changed your life.

It’s simple, really.  I’ve always felt that my soul was male and there was nothing that was going to hold me back from changing my body to match my mind. This transition is still changing my life because I am still deconstructing and rebuilding and learning.  What I can say is that I feel more content and more peaceful now.


7) What is one quote that describes your attitude about life?

“Accept your responsibility for misery and you will find that just hidden inside you are all the causes of bliss, freedom, joy, enlightenment, immortality.  No savior is needed.”  OSHO


–  Noah

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