7 Questions – Shelby

This submission from Shelby, a wonderfully positive woman in… well, I’m not sure where she is, but she’s damn funny.

As she aptly puts it, she likes our site because it’s not all “oh god oh god we’re all gonna die!”  Shelby is also the first to speak the first question in a Monty Python voice, which is exactly how I always hear it in my head.  Check out her YouTube channel here.

Shelby, it’s Friday as I post this.  Did you take care of that whole fear problem yesterday? If so, thanks for that!


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  1. Shelby Green wrote:

    I forgot to mention my location. I am right here in Chicago! Yay!

  2. Avory wrote:

    Shelby, you are hillarious and gorgeous! And also, I always think that question in the Monty Python voice, too.

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