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The first response to the 7 Questions project came in before I was even ready to make the site public. Melissa stumbled onto We Happy Trans while I was showing it to a few trans friends for feedback, and I’m thrilled she was moved to reply immediately.

Melissa’s blog can be found here, and her response is reposted in full below.  Thanks Melissa!


Hi all

So basically We Happy Trans  has recently put up a list of 7 questions to answer, and I thought it would be fun/interesting to give it a go. unfortunately I won’t be filming myself answering, as I’ve already said, I’m just not ready to come out yet.

the video can be found here.

So, here we go

1) What’s your name? Chosen or otherwise.

Melissa. This is due to my male name also beginning with M, and it’s what my parents would have called me if I was born a biological girl.

2) Who has been most supportive of your transition? If you haven’t started transition, who’s been most supportive of your gender expression, questioning or explorations?

Seeing as I’ve only really begun to fully explore my options, I haven’t really told anyone. However my Fiancee and my ex before her were both very supportive when I told them I was into experimenting with the idea

3) What do most enjoy about your life since beginning transition? That is, what are some of the things you love doing now, that you couldn’t do before? And if you’re not there yet, what about the possibility of transition excites you the most? What do you look forward to?

I’d have to say I’m most looking forward to maybe being more comfortable with myself, and less worried about what people around me will think of me. For now though, I do enjoy those moments when I’m alone at home, and can dress up and feel more like me.

4) Who are your trans role models? or Who have you looked up to in the trans community? Who inspires you? Whether it’s someone you know, or someone you’ve admired from afar, this is your chance to give a shout out.

I don’t really know anybody locally , but I do remember one person who used to be in my english lectures while I was at university, who was openly trans and always used to come in looking absolutely stunning, I really regret not getting to know her better. There is also transgenderexpress on youtube who is documenting her journey through HRT. Her channel is here.

5) What change(s) would you most like to see in the world? This can be trans related, or not, but we’d love to know where your passion lies.

A lot less violence would be the best thing overall. It’s never the answer,  and I always prefer to use my words to talk something out, even when drunk and angry.

6) What are you doing to make those changes happen? That’s right all, no getting off the hook! We’re all in this big ol’ mess together, and we each need to do our part. Share with us how you’re the change you want to see.

Like I said above, I always try and talk things out, but I’m also the first to admit I’m wrong if proven so (if I know I’m right, then you’ve got a struggle on your hands) and I always try and be a patient with the other person as possible.

7) tell us something, anything, special and unique about you, your interests, your story. Never forget, gender is just one part of the larger project of becoming a fully authentic human being.

Well, i’m a writer, mainly fantasy and sci-fi, the lead singer of a local rock band, and I’m an aspiring manga artist. I’m also a big ol’ brony too

hope that answers everything and helps you know me a bit better.

Later taters

Mel xxx

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2 comments for “7 Questions – Melissa

  1. Jen
    February 3, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Melissa, thanks so much for being the first to jump in here! How’s it going with your fiancee? I’m also curious if you’ve tried looking for any trans groups in your area. It may be really helpful to meet others in person. Hope you’re doing well, and thanks again.

    • February 9, 2012 at 9:24 am

      Hey, it was my pleasure.
      Sorry i’ve taken so long replying, but I haven’t been well of late. Finally got the courage to come out to my fiancee, and she was surprisingly ok with it, which was a great relief. She’s yet to see me as Mel though, still haven;t got that much courage yet.
      I have tried looking for groups and other people over here. The trouble is we’re such a dinky little island, theres really not much of a “scene” that I can find as of yet. I am looking into booking a trip to london soon though.
      Anyway, thanks again to you.

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