7 Questions – Kortney

I’ve written and deleted several intros to the 7Qs video from Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, so I think it’s just best to be up front about my issue.

I have a crush on Kortney.

This is making it impossible for me to trust my own judgment, even though I think it’s objectively true that Dr. Ziegler is an amazing man. His website blac(k)ademic is a treasure trove of astute, timely, and original essays, which was justly nominated for a GLAAD award. He is a popular HuffPo contributor, an accomplished filmmaker, and an entrepreneur who is pushing trans people to advocate for themselves. He was an obvious choice for a keynote speaker at the Trans 100 launch, and an inaugural honoree.

It just so happens that in addition to his remarkable drive, capacity, and devotion to empowering others, Kortney is also damn fine looking man, with a knowing smile and playfully devious eyes, and combines an online confidence and swagger with a charming shyness in person.

So yes, I can’t be objective. But I’m also right. Judge for yourself though. And then get over to the Go Fund Me campaign for his Transgender Empowerment Hackathon and give what you can. It’ll help us all. Thank you Kortney!



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