7 Questions – KOKUMO

I know I always say I’m thrilled/delighted/excited/etc. to share a 7 Questions submission, but this time I’m realllllyyyyy overjoyed to introduce you to my amazing friend KOKUMO.  (And yes, you will respect the all caps.)

I’ll never forget the moment I first encountered KOKUMO.  It was at the memorial for Paige Clay, a young trans woman found murdered in Chicago.  I was sitting against the back wall and this gorgeous, powerful woman walked in and sat on the ground directly in front of me.  It was a somber and disturbing occasion, but her presence still carried a deep joy.  At the end of the service, KOKUMO stood up and sang a song for Paige.  I was, and remain, in awe.

She is the organizer of Chicago’s first trans pride event, T.G.I.F., which was incredibly successful in its opening year, with plans already being made for subsequent events.  Find her on Facebook to get a brief glimpse of just a few of the many projects this force of nature has underway.

As she says in the video, KOKUMO is not content to merely survive, she aims to thrive.


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