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Our second response to the 7Qs project comes from Kit.

Kit’s blog can be found here.

Kit: I hope the sharing a bit of your story and your chosen identity can help bring a little more light into your life.  Mad love to you, Jen.


This is in response to We Happy Trans’ first set of questions, 7 Questions. Some of this stuff won’t be news to people who’ve read this blog before.

My name, round here, is Kit. My name in real life is something else, and my formal name (that is, the name I put on forms) is something else again. I identify as a Thing, mostly for literary reasons.

Not many people know I’ve transitioned. My parents do, and my dad has been positive. The Tuesday night crew knew me before and after I changed my name, but that’s just something us lot do. There are a lot of trans people in the Tuesday night crew, and some very supportive allies. Most folks I know have never known my formal name.

I’m finding it hard to enjoy things these days, but I think I look a lot more like me. Every time I’m addressed as a gender I was not assigned at birth I smile. I can’t go swimming any more, but I hope one day I will be able to hit the pool again without feeling that everyone is automatically misgendering me.

My biggest role model is Emma Brownbill (@embrownbill on twitter). It’s down to her that I found out that you don’t check your gender by looking between your legs, and so I discovered some people have an innate sense of gender. She’s very vocal in welfare on a university and wider level, so I think you should check her out.

All I want is for people to be happy, and I wish I were better at making that so. It is my life’s aim to make people happy, even though I spend a lot of my time sad. Everything you do for another is ultimately to make them happy. I am trying to write books that will make people happy by entertaining them and making them feel included in a way the mainstream media doesn’t.

So that’s me, the massive geek who’s trying to work out what Magic the Gathering deck Sherlock would play. Really nasty control deck or over-the-top combo. Probably both at the same time. Not my style.

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