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If I was forced to name my favorite YouTube channel, it would be Kat Blaque’s.

Kat represents the best of what the medium allows. Her videos talk about heavy issues in a way that is still fun, she personalizes through her own experiences what others would render in abstract theory, and while there is enough content to keep you continually engaged,  she only posts when she actually has something to say. She can elevate discussions, and then turn around and throw some serious shade. She understands the struggles of trans women trying to find love, and also gives hope through her adorable relationship with her adorable boyfriend. She can serve up some enviable glam, but will also show us what she looks like first thing in the morning. A professional artist, there is a level of quality to her videos that never distracts from her content, and yet they’re never so slick as to lose that sense that she’s one of us.

All of the qualities are in full display in her 7 Questions video. Check it out below, and then subscribe to her YouTube Channel. Also check out her official art fan page, and follow her on Twitter. Thank you Kat!


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6 comments for “7 Questions – Kat

  1. NotSoFast
    October 16, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Jen how can you say “I honestly believe that if we heard more from people like Kat, there would be less violence and hate directed at our community.”???!!!

    This is the same girl who ridicules trans women in her fb forum if she thinks they don’t look passable enough to her. I’ve seen her cyber bully, harass and boot girls for looking too clocky/unpassable. I’m sorry but she is no role model. Please do some research before making certain people out to be trans heroes.

    • Jen
      October 16, 2013 at 6:34 pm

      My general policy is not to publish comments on this site unless they’re supportive or add to the discussion. After talking it over with Kat, I opted to publish this one for the latter reason.

      Though I am not in it, I am aware that Kat runs a private FB forum. In my experience, anyone who moderates or leads any kind of group or community will find themselves the object of ire within that community, some it constructive, much of it more reflective of internet culture and group dynamics.

      If there is one quality that to me best summarizes the worst qualities of online discourse it’s the reflexive need to immediately point out an imperfection in … well, anything. Nothing can be said or shared online without someone pointing out what it excludes or how it falls short, even when wholly unrelated to the content or context of whatever is created. It’s understandably tempting to engage in a dialogue about the purported flaw, ultimately resulting in an eclipse of whatever was originally to be communicated.

      Almost all of the content I’ve seen Kat create is about her views and experiences and is not at the expense of anyone else. This video in particular is beautiful and affirming and speaks for itself.

      Which is not to say that Kat is not without flaws. She’s an open and opinionated human being who by making her stories and views public has to deal with a constant stream of negative comments and attacks. Every out trans woman I know who speaks in public deals with this, and every one I know regularly wonders why they bother at all given the critiques such openness invites. And every one occasionally gets into catty fights with other trans women. Myself included.

      Is her behavior above reproach? Of course not. But I think such feedback would better be directed at Kat directly, or in response to such behavior when & where it takes place.

      Bottom line, I stand by my comment. Kat’s channel is wonderful, and so is the video.

  2. October 18, 2013 at 11:50 am

    I dont cyber bully anyone. I respect trans women of all shapes and sizes because we’re all in this together and at the end of the day passable/non passable is irrelevant to the legal bounds we have to make in a society that still hates us. I would never kick someone out of my group because they aren’t passable. I would however kick them out if they were being rude and unruly and truthfully, when a girl decides to be rude and cruel, her imperfections become more apparent.

    I’m not for everyone. I have my opinions and I find that I’m one of those people that doesn’t follow the mainstream. And I’m not saying that in a ‘oh wow i’m so cool and alternative’ sense but in that I find my honesty and blunt opinoins tend to get a lot of rejection. Which is fine with me. I’d rather be true to myself than be a liar. I would be dishonest if I said I was a perfect person or that i didn’t have my bitchy moments but that’s not what this video is about. If you dont like my video then fine. If you dont like me, then fine. I’m not going to connect to everyone and that’s just something i’ve accepted. I am my own person and I consider myself to be a successful trans women whom has overcome so many odds to be the person I am now. That is all i want from trans women at the end of the day. I want them to succeed and to be happy. That’s what this video is about. Not a personal squabble I got into with someone on a private invite only forum.

  3. Kora
    December 15, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Kat is an opinion blogger so she’s going to pull from her personal experiences when talking on any topic she feels qualified. That said sometimes she oversteps her boundaries and says things that are boarder line toxic. Watching this I’m finding we are very eerily similar in a lot of respects. Which is really cool. That said, if she could stay away from posting her “opinion” about the validity in elective vs medically necessary procedures related to transsexual woman/men that’d be for the best. Outside of that she is a wonderful video blogger and awesome woman. :)

    • Kat Blaque
      January 21, 2014 at 6:55 am

      I don’t particularly think it’s toxic to discuss healthy approaches to surgery. While I understand that it is easier for a lot of trans people to delude themselves into believing that a procedure is more than it actually is, I don’t believe that is healthy. And what I mean by that is simply that while surgery can do a lot of things, there are some things that it cannot. I have know many trans women in my life and the ones I’ve found to be the least happy are the ones that have had very unrealistic expectations when it comes to surgery. When it comes to the big surgery SRS, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Factors that I don’t think most people even begin to consider. While most surgeries are reversible, that one isn’t and most of the happy positive trans women I know that are post op have seen the videos you speak of and agree with me on every point. Why is that? Why is it that the people that tend to disagree with those videos are people whom haven’t had that surgery yet? The things I say are not hateful. And while I realize they may be considered “toxic’ to you, I think that you need to take some serious investigation into the realities of this surgery. NOT to deter you from having it but rather to prepare yourself for what is to come. It is extremely important to have a healthy realistic view of what surgery will do for you as a trans woman.

      Feel free to watch an episode of the show that I host where several post op trans women discuss their experiences post surgery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q7UXfwvQ9w&list=PL6orzhPfnuvnwzNbg_suwZB_2FdSMjos_&feature=c4-overview-vl

      It is enlightening and I find that there were many things that were brought up during the conversation that you would never hear about in trans support groups filled with pre op transsexuals.

  4. January 19, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    I was married for several years I had four children and after a few years after that my wife wanted a divorce after my divorce I started going out looking for a new girlfriend. I found her I did not know at the time she was a transgender women she looked perfect so we started dating after a while we were going steady then we got married. I have visitation rights with my children my new wife is more of a mother to them than their natural mother, every thing is perfect with my new wife sex is great she is a perfect mother loving caring a great person I just wish she could get her pregnant. I would love to have children with her she is shush a grate person.

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