7 Questions – Isis

I’m so honored that model Isis King’s first personal video is for the 7 Questions Project at We Happy Trans!

I doubt anyone who visits this site, or has turned on a television in the last five years, isn’t already familiar with this stunningly beautiful and charming model.  Her story is well documented, most notably in the MSNBC special Born in the Wrong Body and her appearance on the Tyra Banks Show.

This video, however, is a different glimpse of the person behind the story:

Keep in touch with this genuine and charming young woman via Twitter, Facebook, find her on Instagram, and look for her next project, the independent film Hello Forever.

Big thanks to Isis for sharing such a personal message, as well to Janet Mock and Angelica Ross for putting her in touch with us.  I hope this inspires other trans people to share as well.

Now I have to go update our Dear Media post and add “actress and designer” to Isis’ description!



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2 comments for “7 Questions – Isis

  1. Valerie lugo
    September 9, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Isis looks great I can relate to her story when she was on tyras show I’m a pre op transgender and people always look and wonder or whisper behind your back I just smile anyway I am glad she shared that she had the full surgery and she also shared lots of information cause I want to do the whole surgery I was crying for her when she did it very happy and proud of her she and I look alike in some way but she show me hope that someday it will be me getting the full surgery keep up the great work and live your life to the fullest girl with lots of love….. Valerie xo

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