7 Questions – Elissa

Elissa makes a bold boast at the top of her wonderfully active blog. She claims to “pump fierce bitch realness loaded with a sweet personality!!!”  By the time I got to the end of her video, I not only had to agree, but I found myself smiling broadly at how quickly she won me over.  This “19 yr old lesbian identified, homoromantic gray asexual, fat (fuck the haters!), nerdy trans chick” has a fantastic story and spirit to match.

After you check out Elissa’s video, please also visit Trans-ponder, a long-running podcast by two women she mentions as role models, and learn more about Elissa on her YouTube channel.  Thanks for joining us luv’!





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  1. Allie wrote:

    Elissa – I loved this warm & candid post. I was especially moved by “If you have the courage to ask, I have the courage to answer.”
    I take inspiration from that. Thank you! Allie

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