7 Questions – Brin/Paul

Two new loves.  First, National Coming Out Day.  All day long I was seeing earnest, witty, and touching posts by beautiful trans, gay, and queer people, as well as good allies.  This annual event also happened to inspire the submission below. Second, I love that I learn something new from every submission to We Happy Trans.

Brin is bigender, an expression I wasn’t aware of until now.  In this video Brin also appears as Paul, just as she does in her life.  Until I saw this, it never occurred to me that someone who feels equally at home in both genders could successfully create a life that allows them to move so freely between both. If you’d like to learn more, please check out Brin’s site, Bigender.net, a safe place for people to explore their own bi-gender expression, and see more videos on her YouTube channel.

Thanks for coming to play in our little sandbox Brin!


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4 comments for “7 Questions – Brin/Paul

  1. Brin
    October 16, 2012 at 12:22 am

    I’m glad to play. Your prompts are pretty damn perfect as conversation starters. Thank you so much for posting this, too! It seems I’ve inspired a rash of new tags as well – I hope they fill up fast!

    To everyone else, I’m sorry that it’s so long. I do hope it’s worth the time, though!

  2. Allie
    October 18, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Thank you for your thoughtful response to the 7 questions.
    I especially resonate with the idea of being 1 person with 2 presentations.
    Congratulations on ‘fatherhood.’ It is, for me, the most defining part of my life.

    I ‘m not sure how I feel about the pendulum. While I present as ‘either/or,’ I feel ‘one&both’ almost all of the time.
    Like you, I feel happy in the body I was born in, But rather than identify as ‘bigender,’ I think I feel omnigendered, in that I don’t feel swings in my identity.
    I feel comfortable, however, with expressing the two poles uniquely. Am not sure yet what that says about me . . .

    I am just starting out on this journey, but feel more authentic no matter what my gender expression is simply because, as you said, I am ‘out.’
    The ‘fear of being found out’ is gone. It feels like flying, doesn’t it?!?!

    Thank you again for your thoughtful words. Allie

  3. Matt
    February 26, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    Just want to pop in to thank Brin. Although I eventually discovered that I am mongendered and a trans man, Brin’s community at bigender.net offered a safe space for me to question, meet others who felt similarly, and see if transition was really right for me at all (a big fat YES). We could all use a place like that :).

  4. Gabriel Gideon
    April 16, 2013 at 4:35 am

    Brin was the first Trans person I ever met back when I first began my transition. Paul helped me use the “Big Boy’s Bathroom” in public AND took me to get my first “Big Boy Haircut”… without both Brin and Paul’s help, I would have been so lost back then.

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