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I’m terrifically excited to share Avory Faucette’s 7 Questions submission.  Avory is an experienced writer/speaker on a number of issues, one of the forces behind #transchat, runs the Radically Queer blog AND, I happen to know, a wonderful dancer.

Zie has long been concerned with issues of marginalized identities and accessibility and has chosen to submit hir video entirely in ASL (full transcript below video).

Note: If you sign fluently and are reading the transcript, you may notice that I haven’t transcribed some of my mistakes (we/our, see/watch, etc). I figured I’d do it as if I were transcribing a non-native English speaker. ASL constructive criticism is VERY welcome. I’m somewhat HoH and trying to learn as quickly as I can!


Hello! Welcome to We Happy Trans. We Happy Trans is a blog created by a trans woman named Jen where trans people can share their lives, perspectives, and positive experiences. Jen asked seven questions, which I’m now going to answer.

#1: What’s your name?

My name is Avory Fauce [misspelling] Faucette, sorry. Avory is my legal middle name. I use Avory because I prefer it, but also because I want to use Avory in order to show how I live between different worlds. I’m signing in this video because I know that my signing is bad, but I want to show my experience in between a lot of identities [clarifying sign]. For example, between Deaf and hearing, between male and female, gay and straight, etc.

#2: The people most… no, wait… who are the people who have been most supportive… who have given you the most support in your transition?

The people who have given me the most support are online friends, Twitter friends, for example @enterblisstonia, @relaxmammal, @smartassjen, @supermattachine, etc.

Since transitioning, what do you enjoy the most in your life?

I think… I enjoy wearing femme clothing. It’s easy for me to wear femme clothing because a lot of people in my life know that I’m NOT female. My identity is strong but I can wear femme clothing without identifying as female.

#4: Who are your trans role models?

I think… Julia Serano… oh! My friend Stephen, I met him maybe three months back, and he’s a really strong trans man, he’s not afraid to show his perspectives, his concerns, his opinions, but also he stands up for trans women and genderqueers and others and I look up to him for that.

#5: What changes do you most want to see in the world?

I think the change I’d most like to see is probably the end of patriarchy. That’s VERY important to me.

#6: What are you doing to make that change?

I have a site called www.queerfeminism.com, please go check it out! I have people writing and explaining why feminism hurts their communities, and why it hurts their lives… it’s very important to me to stop hurting those that we are hurting. Feminism isn’t for hurting, feminism should be stopping patriarchy, should be ending patriarchy… (anti) patriarchy is about stopping racism, stopping transphobia, stopping sexism. We should work together and see the times we’re hurting people and apologize and ask what we should do–and then really listen to the answer.

#7: What about you is… different?

Well… I think what’s different…. Okay. I view sexual orientation differently. Because I’m genderqueer, I can’t identify as lesbian, gay, straight, or bi, and I’m no t female or male. Sexual orientation is different for me and I talk about it a lot in workshops… I would love if you could come to my workshops and tell me your perspectives.

You can find me online at www.avoryfaucette.com. Thank you for watching! Bye!

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