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One of the more fatuous critiques leveled against social media is that it somehow interferes with “real” socialization.  I’ve found the exact opposite, having first met many of my now closest friends online.  Autumn is one such person.  She’s one of those terribly clever and prolific women you can’t help but running into if you have any interest in trans issues, whether via her Tumblr, participation in #transchat on Twitter, or active voice in several Facebook groups.

She lives a few hours from me and came down to Chicago for our first trans pride event.  We talked well into the following morning, as we girls like us are apt to do, and I’ll credit her, among other insights, with changing my perspective on the word “tranny” (more on that another time).  Oh yeah, and she’s studying neurobiology with an interest in brain/computer interfaces. Hot.

So of course I started bugging her, perhaps unrelentingly so, to record a submission for our 7 Questions project.

There’s a lot of great content here, but one line that deeply resonates me is her response to the change she’d like to see in the world: “I would love it if the world doesn’t produce anyone else like me ever again.”   Check out the video to see what she means.

Thanks Autumn!

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1 comment for “7 Questions – Autumn

  1. Tess
    October 21, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Autumn is such a gem. Love her smarts, love her energy!

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