The price of change?

January has been one of the more mentally exhausting months, as far as living inside of my transness goes, in a while.

If you are an internet junkie like my fiancee and I, you’ve probably had to take a week or two to recover from the extremely harmful, bigoted melee of articles and stories surrounding trans* identities that have been circulating LGBT* news and media sources this past month.

Following the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill shit-storm has been truly horrifying, yet oddly rewarding after seeing so many people and organizations speak out against blatant bigotry in news media coverage. Learning of the disappearance of one teenage trans girl of color and the sickening murder of a young black trans guy with so much life left to live, have been more numbing than anything else.

images (1) I think about Evon and I can only sigh. I feel desensitized, yet I understand it’s a symptom of trauma. To see another transsexual killed, then further dehumanized in the reporting of their death is just an added lashing on my back.

Being in a relationship where both individuals are transsexuals — can be a very positive, but an often times overwhelming situation. On days like this, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude about the advancement toward equality for all trans* people, when you have people like Ms. Moore telling the world that transsexuals are “bed-wetters in bad wigs”.

One thing I’ve come to understand in the midst of the offensive language, the demoralizing depictions of trans women, and the careless disregard for human life, is that people hate change.

What can I say? Our community has been making great strides from a social, legal, and economic standpoint. I mean, we even got Biden to admit trans issues are civil rights issues! Can you say “Winning!” ?. The bottom line is, people are angry…and I do mean angry about it.

We are not going to be able to effect change if we are afraid of the response.

Apparently, asserting our humanness is a direct threat to society (oh please!) and certain people are going to do whatever they can to convince the general public to continue operating out of ignorance instead of embracing a higher consciousness when it comes to diversity of the human existence.

To that, I simply say “let them have it, girls!”

It’s clearly going to take some time, but the push to advance the community on a global scale has never been more effective!

After taking a day to assess why we are still having to call-out bloggers, news and media sources, respected journalists, filmmakers, celebrities, and our own mothers, for their blatant ignorance and hatred — I realized that it is worth it.

Think about it. We are the first out, thriving generation of transsexuals!

We will continue to write our blogs, we will continue to gather and protest, we will continue to support our incarcerated brothers and sisters, we will continue to fundraise, we will continue to gather in basements and ballrooms.

Don’t be discouraged by the defiance, guys. Continue to do your part in getting our voices heard and continue using your individual resources to create opportunities for other guys and gals to advance personally and professionally. It is important, it is worth it, and we cannot do it without YOU! Yes, you.

We spend a lot of time ranting, even more time on the defense, yet not enough time encouraging one another to continue doing the work necessary to see advancement in OUR lifetime. We must stay positive in the midst of the frustration.

I know many trans* people who have single-handedly shaken the bigoted foundations of their respective regions and implemented promising educational programs inside the community and beyond it. If one person can do all of that, imagine what YOU can do — imagine what WE can do.

This may be the price of change, but we are more than capable of seeing it through.

Stay strong, stay resilient.


Noah Nomad

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1 comment for “The price of change?

  1. Penny
    September 21, 2013 at 11:52 am

    I love the way you think, Noah. I have had to learn these things the hard way. We have more enemies than we ever imagined. The obstinate human problem with change is built into western society through its religious and philosophical foundations (Plato, Parmenides, the monists). Physics, particularly quantum mechanics, has shown us that change is all around us. It’s an unavoidable reality of life & the universe. The problem is idealism in all its forms.

    I am here to proclaim with you, “Let them have it!.” The way is forward!

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