An Informal Introduction

I am so thrilled to be writing this blog for all of the WeHappyTrans readers. After having coffee the other morning with lovely WeHappyTrans founder, Jen, here in Chicago, I knew that I wanted my first formal post to be, well, rather informal.

I suppose I should start off with the basics. My name is Noah Alvarez but here, online, I go by Noah Nomad. I am a 21 year old writer, speaker, and mentor within the LGBT* community. I am a cool, calm, collected, spiritual, creative Pisces (lol). I reside in the sexy city of Los Angeles with my beautiful wife Ryder and our awesome 8-year-old pitbull Shaka. We are the proud founders of House of Technicolor LA, a marketing firm dedicated to bringing positive visibility to LGBT* artists, musicians, actors, and companies throughout the country. We work to create brands that send powerful, positive messages and inspire people within our community and beyond.

I am a transsexual man, meaning I was born biologically female, but I have been living full-time as a man for eight months. I have been taking weekly testosterone injections under the super vision of an endocrinologist in order to help achieve balance with my mind and body as a masculine-identified being.

As a young person I endured years of crippling depression and anxiety due to Gender Identity Disorder. I suffered through years of dysfunction and survived four major suicide attempts. I was properly diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder at the age of nineteen and received treatment and solice through intense therapy at a mental health institution for two months. Since coming out as transgender, and transitioning in early 2011, I have been able to live a healthy, whole life and begin the process of healing.

I am amazed at what a little self-discovery does for the human spirit! I have a natural love and strong sense of compassion for people from all walks of life who may be suffering with mental illness and/or other disabilities. My mission in life is to spread awareness on mental illness and how people can be functional or dysfunctional while dealing with severe mental handicaps as well as Gender Identity Disorder. Instead of formerly “coming out” to family and friends, I took much needed time for myself to begin the healing process of transitioning. I stepped away from work, my social life, and church and put myself in a peaceful, non-threatening environment where I could allow my spirit to evolve naturally, and my physical makeup to shift appropriately (under a doctor’s supervision). When I emerged after three months of hormone therapy, I was a new person. I had become a person ready to live life in a way that would satisfy my soul.

Life is such a beautiful journey, especially when you are able to connect with your spirit and soul in an authentic way. I am dedicated to spreading the message of the importance of living your life authentically and standing up for who you are, regardless of the challenges that threaten to keep you bound up in societal norms.

I am excited to have the opportunity to share my story, and to help other individuals who are looking to fall in love with themselves, discover what really makes their spirit happy.

Currently, I mentor three young transguys and I contribute to several LGBT* blogs and websites with positive nuggets on self-esteem and self-love.

I am honored to have the opportunity to connect with the WeHappyTrans readers and contributors and I look forward to building a safe, positive space here at the website with you all.

Take this journey with me?

In love and light,

– Noah


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